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Why Fagor offers more than meets the eye

Most of the time, when a customer calls us, they ask us whether we carry popular, American-made washers with name recognition. There is nothing wrong with the question; in fact, we do carry popular American brands. However, the mistake many of these customers initially make is choosing to ignore the other options out there, mainly out of fear, when those options would actually suit there needs better.

Fagor is one of those other options. Fagor Commercial washers are some of the most technologically advanced and reliable washers out there. Made in Spain, Fagor washers are made from stainless steal and are equipped with the highest G-Force on the market. This matters because not only will your and your customers save time, but you will also save money on utilities, as faster spin cycles result in less dry time.

Furthermore, Fagor Washers are the best choice for those that require powerful washes but don't have the room for huge equipment. Designed with compactness in mind, Fagor has designed a range of smaller washers and dryers that still deliver the same washing and drying power that made Fagor famous.

Lastly, and most importantly, an investment in a Fagor washer positions you to succeed not only now but in the future thanks to their new generation of KARE machines. With KARE, Fagor has equipped its already impressive line-up with touch-screen controls, wireless connectivity, and water-saving features.

For a quick peak at the many features Fagor offers, watch the video below; and please reach out to us at Automated with any questions you may have.

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