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Leasing Service

Automated Laundry Systems’ equipment leasing service proudly serves the greater Southern California area. We know that there are a wide variety of reasons why leasing equipment could suit your business’ needs more than purchasing the equipment, which is why we offer all our brands as part of our lease program.

As part of our lease program, we offer our lease customers prompt and quality service—free of charge. Whether you own an apartment complex or a large health facility, we are happy to help!

Why Lease Commercial Laundry Equipment?

Free Service

Lease machines from Automated and receive free service on your equipment no matter what the issue is.

Smaller, Monthly Payments

Instead of paying the full sum upfront, leasing laundry equipment allows you to pay monthly installments over 5 years.

Industry Help

With over 40 years of experience, our team has the know-how to maximize your laundry's profits.

Revenue Sharing

Starting at:


per month

Revenue sharing, or "laundry room renting" is a great way for businesses to avoid the hassle of owning and running a laundry room, while still making a profit. The best option for apartment complexes and similar multi-housing operations.

With this option, Automated will install and service* the equipment at your location. Each month, an Automated representative will collect the profits and split them with the property owner as outlined in the respective lease agreement. Please call or email to request more info. 

* Services and repairs will be provided free of charge throughout entirety of lease.

Month-to-Month Leasing

The more traditional of our two leasing options, month-to-month lease details vary depending on the equipment required for the job.  

If you choose this option, Automated will install and service the equipment but will not collect the profits. As the customer, you will be responsible for paying a flat-rate, monthly lease. We have seen this option work very well in spas, nursing homes, and athletic facilities. Call or email us for more details.

Starting at:


per month

* Services and repairs will be provided free of charge throughout entirety of lease.

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