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Hard-Mount vs. Soft-Mount

Washers come in many different models these days. The vast majority of our clients call in asking for a “basic washer,” and while there are many washers that have basic features, they all slightly differ.

This article is going to cover one of the most important of these differences: soft-mount and hard-mount.

Hard-Mount Washer Extractors:

Of the two types of extractors, chances are you’ve seen hard-mount more often. Traditionally, most laundromats in the United States have been outfitted with hard-mount washers, meaning that these washers are bolted to either a think concrete floor or concrete or steel slab. The reason for this is that hard-mount machines do not have shock absorbers or springs; because hard-mounts are capable of spinning with upwards of 300 g-force, not bolting them into a concrete or steel base would cause major damage to the floor or base of a building. Consequently, these machines can only be installed on the first floor or basement of a building.

Soft-Mount Washer Extractors:

Soft-mount washers are slowly becoming more and more popular. Although more expensive than their hard-mount counterparts, these washer extractors are easier to install thanks to the springs and shock absorbers built into the cradle of each machine. Thus, the drum of the washer is isolated from its frame, removing up to 97% of the vibration felt during the wash cycle. The rest is usually absorbed by the floor of the building.

Although soft-mount extractors are more expensive, they can be the more cost-effective option for customers looking to purchase equipment but do not have think slabs of concrete at the base of their businesses and/or apartments. They can also be installed above the ground floor of a building, giving a business owner more freedom to best utilize their business space.

For more information on the differences between soft and hard-mount washers, as well as the model that would suit your needs best, call our office at (818) 846-7242.

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