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Maytag Commercial Washer and Dryers

An investment in a Maytag commercial washer or dryer guarantees industry-leading dependability and performance. Maytag’s series of coin-operated machines are designed with the laundry owner in mind. From decreased cycle times to shorter drying times, Maytag commercial laundry machines are built to save energy – helping you, the laundry owner, increase your bottom line. From front-load HE washers to top load washers to multi-load gas dryers, Maytag offers machines that will help your laundry be as successful as possible.

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Explore Our Range of Maytag Commercial Laundry Machines

Discover the perfect Maytag commercial washing machine or drying machine today here at Automated Laundry Systems.

Maytag Maintenance and Repair Services

At Automated Laundry Systems, we understand the importance of keeping your commercial laundry machines running smoothly. That's why we offer dedicated maintenance and repair services for all Maytag commercial washing machines and drying machines. Our team of certified technicians is ready to provide expert service to ensure your equipment operates at peak efficiency.

Maytag Laundry Parts Supply

Should you ever need replacement parts for your Maytag commercial washing machine or drying machine, look no further than Laundry Parts Direct. We stock a comprehensive inventory of genuine Maytag parts to keep your machines in top condition. From minor components to major mechanical parts, we provide everything you need to ensure your laundry equipment is always running optimally.

Building Your Laundromat with Maytag Laundry Machines

Dreaming of owning a laundromat that stands out? Automated Laundry Systems is your go-to partner in building efficient, profitable laundromats featuring high-performance Maytag laundry machines. Our expertise not only covers the provision of top-quality commercial laundry machines but also includes design and operational guidance to ensure your venture is successful.

Find the Perfect Maytag Washing Machine or Drying Machine at Automated Laundry Systems

If you’re in search of reliable commercial laundry machines, such as a top-of-the-line commercial washing machine or a commercial drying machine, look no further than Automated Laundry Systems. Our extensive selection of Maytag products ensures you’ll find the perfect fit for your business needs. Don't miss out on enhancing your operations with our durable and efficient laundry solutions. Contact us today for a free quote or to learn more about our offerings. We’re here to help you achieve the best in commercial laundry performance.


What warranty options are available with Maytag commercial laundry machines?

Maytag commercial laundry machines come with comprehensive warranty plans that cover parts and labor, ensuring peace of mind and reliable service. Specific details can vary, so please contact us for more information on the warranty terms applicable to the model you're interested in.


How energy efficient is a Maytag commercial washing machine or drying machine?

Maytag commercial washing machines and drying machines are designed with energy efficiency in mind. They are equipped with the latest technology to minimize water and electricity usage, helping you save on operational costs while being environmentally responsible.


What are the capacities of a Maytag commercial washing machine and drying machine?

Maytag offers a range of capacities to suit different commercial needs, from compact models ideal for smaller facilities to larger machines designed for heavy-duty use. Let us help you choose the right size based on your laundry volume and space constraints.


How do I purchase Maytag commercial laundry machines from Automated Laundry Systems?

Purchasing is easy! Simply contact Automated Laundry Systems through our website or phone number for a free quote. Our team will guide you through the selection process to ensure you get the best machines for your needs and budget.


Are there financing options available for purchasing Maytag commercial laundry machines?

Yes, we offer various financing and leasing options to make the acquisition of commercial laundry machines more accessible. Contact us for detailed information on financing plans that can help spread out the cost of your purchase.

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