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ADVANTAGE LEASE by Automated Laundry Equipment
Put the power of leasing to work for you…. Take Advantage of all the Benefits new Water and Energy efficient Equipment bring to your laundry and start Saving Today!

Leasing Advantages  

New Water and Energy Efficient Equipment - Now
              Savings starting the first day after installation

Fixed Monthly Fee
              Easy to budget and plan expenses
              Never any hidden fees or unbudgeted expenditures 

Low Up-Front Cost – No Down Payment
               Equipment installed for as little as delivery and installation fees.

Service Included
               Fixed monthly fee includes all service labor and parts.  

Priority Service
               Guaranteed On-site in 8 hours or we send you $100.  

After Hours Service
               Emergency service supplied at preferred rate.  

Monthly Preventive Maintenance
         Complimentary and Comprehensive monthly maintenance check on all equipment.  

Operator Training
            Complimentary Operator training at equipment installation and each year thereafter as requested.

Three End of Agreement Choices
            Renew your agreement at end of term and install new equipment at your site. Extend your agreement and keep the existing equipment at a reduced rate or purchase existing equipment outright.